Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hello and Welcome!!!

My name is Dallas Bono, and I am one of the Chefs of the Pocket Chefs; my partner is Chef Jeremy Hankins.  Together we have about 35 years worth of collective experience in the restaurant business both in the front of the house and in the kitchen.  I would like to welcome you to our blog.  We are very exited about this opportunity to connect with the public, and have some interaction with you.  In this blog we will be posting several recipes to try. Some that we use professionally, some that we might try at home for ourselves or our friends, or some tricks of the trade that might make your personal culinary journey a little easier.  We will also tell stories of our experiences in the food business, as well as restaurant reviews for Athens, Atlanta, or other places we might visit along the way.  We are very happy to hear about some of your successes in the kitchen as well.  If you have a great recipe, e-mail it to us and we might post it on the blog, or a culinary success story or nightmare might be another fun addition.  If you are opinionated about food and it's preparation we welcome the discourse, so definitely e-mail us your opinions.

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  1. Hola Dallas & Jeremy!

    It is great to see your blog up and running! The recipe for the satay sauce you posted sounds delicious. I'm looking forward to trying it. In the meantime, good luck in this new enterprise, and thanks for making eating so fun.

    - B