Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Banana's Foster

OK guys, here is the deal on this recipe.  Girls, talk amongst yourselves and don't listen to this guy talk here.  OK guys.  We alone?  If you happen to get a girl you've been dating to be brave enough to come to your place for dinner, or even dessert, and you make this recipe...  It's almost a guaranteed trip around a couple of bases.  I won't guarantee a homerun here, but you can almost count on a double, and I mean a solid one.  No sliding into the base, or need for an umpire's ruling here.  OK, call the ladies back.  Girls, we were talking about sports, don't worry.  

2 large bananas sliced in half lengthwise and then in half widthwise (get a couple on the greenish side, they will hold up better in the pan.)
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup butter
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1/2 cup brandy
1/2 cup coconut rum

ice cream for serving

Place a saute pan on medium high heat.  Let it sit for a couple of seconds to bring the temperature of the pan up.  Add the butter, and and bananas flat side down.  Fry them until you see a caramel color develop on the bananas.  Turn the bananas over, and add the brown sugar to the pan, begin to slowly stir with your spoon to make sure the butter and sugar come together as best you can get them.  Add the salt, and cayenne, continue to stir until the butter and sugar mixture begins to bubble.  Stand back, and add your liquor.  If you have one of those long grill lighters, you can light it over the pan to flambe.  This is not necessary for any reason except the ooh and ah factor, which just might get you an extra base.  After the fire goes out, stir to combine and serve immediately over vanilla ice cream.  This is one of my wife's favorite desserts, I ended up married to her, so I guess you can say it was my biggest home run of all.

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